Important Questions You Should Ask when Hiring a Roofer
Roofs / July 25, 2016

Whether you are having a home built or you are having the roof repaired, a roofer is needed as they are the ones who are more knowledgeable when it comes to installing or repairing roofs.  If you are planning to hire a roofer, it is important that you confirm several things beforehand before you proceed in hiring them and signing a contract.

  1. Ask if the roofer has the necessary license, liability insurance, and worker’s compensation. These are necessary as it not only gives you the background of the roofer, but the other two very important because they serve as your protection should anything go wrong or that an incident occurs during the installation or repair process.
  2. Ask your roofer for any reference of any past projects they have done before. This reference serves as your performance check if they managed to do everything right in the past and if their past clients do not have any complaint against their work, work ethics, and other crucial stuff that they may something to say about.
  3. Ask them the estimate of the cost and how much downpayment is needed for the project. Asking for estimate is necessary as you would not want to get surprised later on if they will be asking for much more than what you would have anticipated.  The amount of downpayment is also crucial as it will allow you to budget the expenses you need to cover your roofing expense.
  4. Ask them the timeframe of the installation. The time duration they will be laying out the roof is important because it gives time for the other builders to assess what other things that needs to be done. Since ceiling electrical and other stuffs cannot be installed while the roof is not in place, they will have to concentrate on other more things.  Having a timeframe allows you or your home builder to better adjust work or construction schedule and other important matters.

It is vital that you hire the right roofer for any roofing job.  Calgary roofing has been in this trade for many years and they know everything that involves roofing, whether it is installation, maintenance, or repairs, they are the one to hire for the job.  They are not only professionals in the work that they do, but they are also trustworthy and reliable as they always manage to meet every schedule they set their timeframe on.